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Construction Site Injuries

In a city like Philadelphia, construction sites are common. Various buildings, roadways, and other structures could be under construction for months or even years at a time. Roadway construction can be very dangerous for drivers and their passengers. Workers often have to continue working on inner city roads and highways during peak traffic times, putting themselves, drivers, and their passengers at serious risk.

Auto Accident Lawyer: How to Find Good Help

A vehicle accident is a stressful event in itself. Add that to any added stress of having to take the claim to court, and it is almost too much for you to deal with by yourself. In these situations, it becomes necessary to hire an attorney for help. Using this information, you can be assured to find a good auto accident lawyer that will work for you.

Phoenix Light Rail Accidents Are Increasing

The Phoenix metro region’s new $1.4 billion light rail system connecting Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa is on track to surpass projected the ridership and revenue levels officials were projecting when the routes opened on December 27, 2008. That doesn’t mean, however, that the new route hasn’t had some problems. Accidents involving the light rail trains and auto drivers using the same roads are among the most common problems.

Summer Driving: It’s Not Too Hot to Handle Roads Safely

The Automobile Association of America Auto Club is always busy in our scorching Arizona summer months. The company says it rescues about 100,000 motorists from June through August – and that’s for tire failures alone.

What An Expert Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For You

Read this guide if you have a personal injury case. Follow these tips if you want to succeed. Get the compensation that you deserve.

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