“After Amber’s Op-Ed It Was Impossible To Get Johnny Depp a Movie Role” Says Talent Manager

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Prior to the adoption of the comparative fault rule, Indiana observed the long standing common law rule of contributory negligence. This affirmative defense was conceived under English rule and made a part of England’s common law. It was adopted by American jurisdictions as part of its own common law. Today, Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and the district of Columbia still recognize this tort defense.

Getting the Basics of Workers’ Compensation

When a mishap at the workplace causes serious injuries, the employee may file for workers’ compensation benefits. If you were unfortunate enough to face such an accident, you may need legal assistance from a workers’ compensation attorney. Capable legal guidance is often a necessity, especially if you are denied the benefits you rightfully have.

Time-Out! Are We Any Closer to Eliminating Serious Head Injuries in Football?

Thousands of our athletes are injured during the fall every year. In addition to common ankle and knee injuries, many athletes suffer minor or major concussions as a result of the physical nature of football. Head injuries, on the whole, are the most dangerous type of damage the body can sustain in football. No other contact sport leads to as many serious brain injuries as football does. So why aren’t we doing more to eliminate serious head injuries? Who’s accepting responsibility? While football helmets prevent bumps and bruises and serious skull fractures, they don’t stop the brain from banging against the skull, which leads to concussion.

Understanding Negligence in Injury Cases

In most accident cases reported, one or more person’s negligence forms the basis of the incident. When the victim of such an incident files a lawsuit against the responsible entities, the theory of negligence comes into play. What are the elements in such a case?

What Your Rights Are When It Comes to Making a Beauty Therapy Claim

Most spas and salons out there are trusted and will always ensure that they take as much care as possible when it comes to looking after you. After all you are putting your trust in them when you go there for treatments or even as simple as getting your nails done so you expect only the best. The worst that usually happens in these kinds of places is a reaction to a product that has been used on you.

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